Deadline for ACTLab Proposals Closes Friday

An open call for proposals is ending soon for a forthcoming local conference on the melding of art, culture, and technology at the Institute of Texan Cultures downtown. The 2018 ACTLab New Media Conference, Culture, Art, and Technology in the 22nd Century, is the second such event organized by the Convergent Media Collective, a group of San […]

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ART, CULTURE, Literary Arts

A New Home Rises for the Sun Poets

Tucked away on the second floor of Demo’s, the landmark Greek restaurant on the St. Mary’s Strip, voices echo overhead. It’s Tuesday night, and the Sun Poet’s Society has gathered for its weekly poetry reading. The assembled participants take turns reading in a ‘round robin’ style, each reading original works, as well as selected pieces […]

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What’s Happening: Week of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is an integral and important part of the rich historic culture here in San Antonio. With much of our community’s population with Mexican- and Indigenous-American roots, the city’s various annual celebrations provide an opportunity for San Antonians to express their regards for loved ones who have […]

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Acting Thru Music: Making a Buttercup Music Video

Local indie-pop group Buttercup sent out a city-wide open-invite last week to participate in their latest music video production. Dozens risked reprimand for taking a much longer than tasteful lunch break to answer the call, including former Spur Brent Barry. Also, myself. The magic happened at the venerable Charline McCombs Empire Theater, a venue that doesn’t consider itself above […]

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