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In the months since the debut of their arrestingly polished first single, “Chasing Daylight”, WAV•TWR has been building up their catalogue. So far, their library of finished songs on streaming platforms has increased to three, and very soon, it will be four.

In case you’ve missed the buzz, WAV•TWR is a recently-developed ensemble out of San Antonio and Austin, combining the talents of local singer-songwriters August Harris, Tanner Shaffer, Christopher George, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Ryan McKissack. Early this month, CO LAB Magazine was invited to listen in on an advance version of their upcoming single, “Bad Habit.”

WAV•TWR Band Members
WAV•TWR group members Christopher, August, Tanner, and Ryan.
Photo courtesy WAV•TWR.

And it’s great. Simultaneously, it’s just the kind of showmanship we expect from WAV•TWR, but also a bit of a jaunty surprise standing in contrast to the interim singles released since the first, which both doubled down on the darker and downtempo dimensionalities of “Daylight.”

“Bad Habit” is an upswing in the direction of balance: bright notes that pull the same weight as those that brood, energizing in lieu of enervating. At its well-paced peak, a sweeping guitar section builds to a sweet release that serves as both climax and conclusion, leaving absolutely nothing to drag in denouement: a high with no come-down.

“We’ve been experimenting and trying to find the nail to hit,” says guitarist and vocalist Christopher George. “A feel-good beat, something you can drive along to with the windows down.”

All the while amid dropping these little gems, the work of composing a full album has still been in steady production. The band says they’re working on a few things simultaneously, but for now, “Bad Habit” will be the last tidbit they’re letting slip out as a single until the rest is ready as an album.

While they write, they are still exploring other sounds, Ryan McKissack says. They’re also using the time to perfect their chances of musical success using data.

“We have the option to work smarter, and not harder, and explore other things we might not have done before.”

– Christopher George, WAV•TWR

Ryan, the de facto nerve-center behind the group, says he’s used the analytics data pulled from the three tracks already up on various streaming platforms to guide what direction the group should go musically. Some of that has already worked to shape “Bad Habit.”

Ryan McKissack of WAV•TWR
Producer and multi-instrumentalist Ryan McKissack. Photo courtesy WAV•TWR.

“Whenever you’re an independent artist, you have access to state, region, plays; the who, what, where, and when,” Ryan says. “It doesn’t necessarily dictate what we do, but it helps build the vibe, the energy, and the direction of what we do.”

Looking to the future, this data-driven approach may also help them decide where they tour, and what their setlists should look like in each region. Wherever they go, if they put the work in, they’ll have the ability to deliver a tailored experience to audiences. If this method resonates, it may pay big dividends. And if nothing else, it at the very least delivers a cathartic sense of control to back the minds of these artists.

“There’s so much more freedom now for independent artists to make those decisions,” adds Christopher “We have the option to work smarter, not harder, and explore things we might not have done before.”

For now, “Bad Habit” is more than enough to keep us excited about WAV•TWR. August and Christopher’s vocal pair exude a signal boost of drip, creating a waveform pattern of one desire in two flavors. Just give it a listen, and hear for yourself:

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It’s probably good news that “Bad Habit” is coming out alongside October’s falling temperatures– if it had released earlier in the year to so many bodies confined to hot little rooms full of sultry summer air, we might be facing an unexpected increase in births.

Look forward to the song’s release on all streaming platforms on October 8, 2021.

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