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Purble Place

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Mini-game Purble Place for Kids is a collection of simple puzzles created by Oberon Games. The game package contains three casual games for teenagers. The goal of each game is to develop players’ deductions, coordination and memory skills, while giving them fun during the game. Even though it was originally a children’s game, the older audience can still enjoy it, as the level of difficulty becomes even more difficult when you are on the gaming platform. Purble Place is a set of 2007 everyday games included with Windows Vista. However, the program is supported by Windows XP and later, so it can still be downloaded. As mentioned, this is a package with three mini-games, each one separately. You can access all games from the menu item. Headlines-Purple pairs, comfortable cakes and Purble Shop, all include their views on the classics (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Purble Pair is an image recognition game, and the software accepts classic games in two games. The goal is to clear the map field by finding two cards with the same image at the same time. It comes with grids that need to be cleaned, starting with 5×5 grids, then 6×6 and 8×8. The number of grids is increasing, making them more complex. The more you move, the more images will be displayed. The game offers a Sneak Peak option, which helps to reveal all the remaining cookies, meanwhile it is a hand-eye coordination game. Here you run a bakery where you have to collect the cake to follow the order. Cakes come in shapes, flavors, icing and other decorations. Depending on the order, it is possible to make a monophonic or multi-layered cake. You can also decorate it luxuriously if it matches the order. Failure to follow the exact order will result in a fine. After sending the wrong order three times in a row, the game: The Purple Shop is a math test disguised as a coding game. He will show off five hats, nose, set of eyes and clothes. The game hides these items from the players. Choose from a variety of colors and choose the right color for the object in as few movements as possible. Initially, there will be three functions with three possible colors. The number of possible combinations will increase as you go to the intermediate and advanced game, and GraphPurble Place is a cost-effective alternative to interactive toys. Games are simple enough for children to learn the basics in no time, but complex enough to give the brain a good workout. But the program is extremely simple, without an action. The graphics are not as impressive either. However, it is charming thanks to his silly characters and cartoon-style buildings. Players should note, however, that multiplayer is not suitable for all ages. Purble Place is a simple but challenging game that you can play or encourage young people to play. The proposed games make the experience more dynamic, as each game is different in terms of game mechanics. The graphics can use a modern elevator, and the addition of multiplayer mode is welcome. However, the games are fun and;

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