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Cyber Privacy Suite v3 Torrent Download

Cyber Privacy Suite v3

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Take care of yourself and your family

In our increasingly digital world, everyone is an easy target to commit cyber attacks. Today, we post so much of our personal information online that it is difficult to protect against malicious hacking attempts.

Our comprehensive software protects you and your family while you use your device or browse the web. Cyber ​​Privacy Suite protects against harmful privacy threats and determines in advance where your information is vulnerable or open.

Enjoy online privacy again

We protect your webcam, microphone and key documents from the naked eye and prevent your most valuable information from falling into the wrong hands. With Cyber ​​Security Suite, you can once again enjoy the freedom of privacy on the Internet.

Prevent your fingerprints from others

Cyber ​​Privacy Suite securely protects your web habits and personal information from data miners and hackers by preventing fingerprint attempts.

Encrypted login data

Your login credentials for the website you choose are encrypted, which protects your information from criminals in a secure digital safe.

Determine what personal information is disclosed

Cyber ​​Privacy Suite determines in advance what personal information is displayed so that you can resolve the issue immediately.

Protect Wencam and microphone from hacking attempts

Block malicious attempts to hijack your webcam and microphone with Cyber ​​Privacy Suite. Save and enjoy the privacy of your home life again.

Protection against malicious websites

Cyber ​​Privacy Suite protects you from malicious websites that could otherwise infect your computer with malware, spyware, viruses, ransomware, Trojans, and more.

Protect your connection through VPN gateways

Browse, shop, stream and chat on your own terms with a secure VPN — connection when you need it. Cyber ​​Privacy Suite offers more than 20 connection options worldwide.

Blocks unwanted cookies from being tracked

Cyber ​​Privacy Suite includes a “forget and forget” option that allows you to automatically block suspicious or potentially malicious cookies.

Block annoying ads

Cyber ​​Privacy Suite comes with an ad blocking feature that can combat static and dynamic ads to give you a smoother and faster view.

Detect sensitive documents on your device

Cyber ​​Privacy Suite helps you find and protect documents stored locally on your device that may contain sensitive information such as social security and bank account numbers.

Protect financial and medical documents

Advanced file encryption allows you to collect and hide important financial and medical documents in a safe place until those documents are fully protected.

Protect your privacy in real time

Cyber ​​Privacy Suite protects your digital privacy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our software blocks online phishing attempts and other actions that threaten privacy when they occur.

Scan the dark grid for your information

Dark nets are scary. Our experts have developed scanning algorithms that look for traces of informationyou who may end up in a dark network after certain data breaches.

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