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Geometry Dash is an action -based platformer game played by jumping and leaping through obstacles. People can touch their touch screen; press the up, down and space keys on the keyboard; left mouse click; and press the A button on the controller to play. This cross-platform application is available for Android, Apple iOS, Mac and Microsoft Windows (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Why is it called Geometry Dash? Geometry Dash was released in 2013 by software developer RobTop Games. The geometric part of the name is associated with the geometric pictures that make up the bulk of the theme. Backgrounds, player icons, constraints, and prizes include simple shapes: circles, rectangles, boxes, triangles, etc. Even the slip and crash effects are a feature of Dashi’s head, signifying the uncontrollable speed of the game to play. With the weight of gravity and the force of constant speed, players run by jumping, sitting, and jumping through obstacles. If you press the position key or the up arrow on the keyboard to activate the long jump ability, you can increase the convenience and space to keep it! Do you install Geometric Dash for free? Geometry Dash is a free version of the game that people can find on computers, laptops and mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, n.k. You can download Dash Geometry to get the original level. The action platform game has a standard editing system that allows players to create their standards to be played by others. There is also an online GD Flash browser; You can view millions of versions created by the Geometry Dash community by searching for usernames and usernames. User-made games whose names include words like impossible challenge are favored by players who want to hone their skills. You can also challenge other users by creating custom routes and characters, quotes, sound effects, players completing games made in the standard editor, they can add their own ratings and reviews for others to see. Better game statistics are communicated to the audience: average number of stars, number of favorites, etc. The drawn faces represent the difficulty level of each name: hard game, hard, Dash By playing addictive music, players leverage their way through the GD world by jumping and jumping through many dangers. Pleasant music can be used to help people win. Electronic music is often associated with jumps and high-pitched sounds that are an important part of the game because they allow people to immerse themselves in a more enjoyable way by making it easier to navigate dangerous roads. If the viewing experience is surprising, you need to focus on the music. The right decision-making steps throughout the game are important, because if a player misses a platform by jumping or hitting something on a rocket, then they have to start from the zero. At the top of the screen, people can secretly monitor the percentage of games that are already familiar with the playable training mode to memorize the mysteries of its path. During training sessions, if people lose, they can be transferred to their automated or manual facilities in the area to avoidback to the beginning. The training method allows the traditional geometry community to become familiar with the game because of their in-game appearance to allow the characters to navigate rockets, increase their speed, etc. This increase can be helpful or annoying. Be aware that sometimes after acceleration there are restrictions. Get ready to duck or jump to go. The first time you approach a port, people don’t know what changes they will make using the difficult game Geometry Dash? GD is a simple but difficult game. While the game involves climbing and descending on platforms, the fast pace and visibility of strategically placed objects along the field create an intricate game environment filled with elements of fun for Dash, that one can imagine. A call for a mind game. Players must maintain a quick attitude towards the oncoming aircraft and make quick decisions. The experience of each course is very exhilarating as users learn to better bypass the course each exposure. While going back to the beginning because accidents can be stressful, people want to keep running because they now know the level of most participants in the Dash Geometry category who run exercises and reviews on the level of difficulty on each round. And how to win. If people need help to complete a certain level, they can find tips that have been shared by players in this online game. GD developer Robert Topala is said to be inspired by Impossible Games. Minecraft, Osu! and Scratch are similar platforms. Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash World, Geometry Dash SubZero, and Geometry Dash Meltdown are all variations of the classic GD game that can be played with Jometry Dash’s adventure strategy has interesting and engaging pictures that encourage people to play again. The game to play is easy and fun as users can familiarize themselves with the route of each round. To enter game time easily, you can use the training level to familiarize yourself with the area. If people fall during an exercise game, then to save time and energy are they able to return automatically or manually? Many loyal gamers and Geometry Dash fans are waiting for Robert Topala to deliver the expected status update until;

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