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Microsoft 365’s all-in-one productivity tool (formerly known as Office 365) is a cloud-based subscription service offered by Microsoft. By combining MS applications with cloud services such as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 aims to offer different plans that allow you to use them almost anywhere. Is this one of the best complete productivity and collaboration apps that PC and Mac users can have? A premium version of the popular Microfts productivity app is available on Microsoft365 with 1TB OneDrive cloud storage for files and photo storage and Microsoft Team for simple teams and businesses (feature () {(‘review app page desktop)’);};); For presentations, text documents and spreadsheets, users will be able to use the latest versions of basic Microsoft applications. PowerPoint, Word and Excel are all common applications that can do the job. Emails, appointments and other communication-related tasks can be easily handled with Outlook’s calendar and email features. Microsoft 365 also includes Publisher, software that focuses more on manufacturing than text placement. This allows you to organize your document easily, as the text does not complicate the placement of tables, images and other inserted elements. With this suite, text wrappers will not be all activities, tasks and processes that can be done with Microsoft365, but have included Access in their application list. Access is used to manage information and data which in turn can be used for reference, for analysis and to make important reports. Access is a very powerful app when it comes to data in a simple way. The thing about Microsoft365 being a subscription service is that all of its apps are always up to date. All recently launched features and add-ons can be enjoyed immediately by their customers, compared to Microsoft’s one-time salary. As such, there are two subscription options available for Microsoft365. Users can take advantage of a 1-year subscription as a solo player with Microsoft365 Personal, or get a subscription shared between 6 people with Microsoft Microsoft update of the app is not the only thing users can enjoy with the software as it also comes with 60 minutes Skype for to call landlines and mobile phones (per month and per account). Tools for all Microsoftoft365 works on different platforms such as Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, so users can use the app at any time on any device, especially using OneDrive. Microsoft also ensures that all data shared via cloud storage is kept confidential from others except for those who are given legitimate access to it. Microsoft365 provides an effective solution for all user offices and other business related tasks.

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