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The Little Rascals 1994 TPB Torrent

The Little Rascals 1994

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Alfalfa is in Darla’s court and his friends “He-man-wife-hates” are trying to damage the relationship.
Authors Penelope Sphere:
Penelope Spheris (history), Robert Volterstorf (history) The story begins with Spanky, the president of the Men’s Hate Club, which includes many school-age boys from all over the area. His best friend Alfalfa was chosen as the club’s award-winning cart carrier pilot called “The Blur” at the annual Soap Box Derby Race. However, when it was announced, alfalfa was nowhere to be found. The boys try alfalfa with Darla – “girl!” Alfalfa is not like his friends because he is in love with Darla and unfortunately threatens to have a “boys only” club. Club members try hard to separate the two, eventually causing their favorite club to burn out. Darla falsely pretends to believe that Alfalfa is ashamed of her, so she turns her attention to Waldo, a new rich child whose father is an oil magnate. Additional problems are offered when local neighbors Butch and Woim steal their valuable stroller “The Blur”. How can they win a big contest and …

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