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Image courtesy Centro San Antonio.

It’s no secret that artists and musicians of San Antonio are in dire straits. Tonight, Texas Public Radio hopes to change that, at least for as many as they can, with a star-studded, telethon-style benefit hosted by our very own Garrett T. Capps, live from Lonesome Rose. The main stream below starts at 6 p.m.

[You can also tune in early to a special pre-show stream from 3–6 here.]

Artists are a special kind of screwed by the COVID-19 disaster. Many were undoubtedly already flirting with the line of poverty before they lost the venues, events, and a spending public necessary for creative subsistence. When their niche socioeconomic idiosyncrasies meet a pandemic response policy that is all-too eager to avoid accounting for irregular citizens, the crevices of society that were once shelter become a tomb.

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The Corona Arts Relief Program was created by the Luminaria Foundation and the San Antonio Department of Arts and Culture in early March to address these needs. The program was limited in funds from the start, however, and community need was so great that new applications were halted April 3, well before the anticipated cutoff. Tonight’s livestream aims to revive the program, with all proceeds providing an injection to allow them to assist more artist applicants.

The telethon stream from Lonesome Rose is billed as a “variety show” featuring local musicians, artists, performance groups, and sponsors – the acts prerecorded but presented live by Mr. Capps – and will continue through midnight.

You may donate directly to the Corona Arts Relief fund here.

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