Updated Lineup for Psych Del Rio Released  - CO LAB Magazine

An updated lineup of performances for, Psych del Rio, the massive psychedelic festival organized by K23 proprietors Gem and Glenn Hotvet, has been released. 

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The event has been publicly visible through its planning stages for nearly a year now, and bolstered by its prudent and meticulous preparation, stands a chance of delivering on the promise to become a regular event. 

Psych del Rio is scheduled for September 23 at the Arneson River Theater. Currently, no confirmation has been given from the San Antonio River Authority on the availability of private riverboat raves. The lineup listed in the image above, in no order with respect to set times, is as follows:

  • Psychic Ills
  • The Warlocjs
  • Bubble Puppy
  • Tele Novella
  • Sugar Candy Mountain
  • Flavor Crystals
  • Annabelle Chairlegs
  • Sunjammer
  • Flower Graves
  • Hidden Ritual
  • Loch Ness Mobsters
  • True Indigo
  • Natural Anthem
  • Acid Carousel 
  • Mockingbird Express
  • Monoculture
  • Jesus Flower Quintet
  • Sherry 

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