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It’s easy to forget San Antonio has a film-making scene; despite a city-sponsored film commission and a film festival entering its 23rd year, many other filmmaker elements are either cloistered or suffer from low visibility.

Newcomer documentarians Point West Productions hopes to start turning that around by bringing the local film community together through open and collaborative events. Sunday’s “This is Not a Film Festival,” described as a filmmakers’ showcase, brought together eleven local directors and their respective flicks, including the showstopper “Hurricane,” winner of three separate Los Angeles Independent Film Festival awards in 2016.

Hosts Corey Clark (left) and Gylon Jackson (right).
Hosts Corey Clark (left) and Gylon Jackson (right).

The wry title of the event was chosen to reflect the principles and approach to submissions. “While most film festivals require a film to first premiere at the festival, we do not,” says Corey Clark, host and member of Point West. “It’s not a contest.” Clark hopes the event will promote networking within the local film industry and connection to the general community. The general consensus of the participants was in agreement that those aims were accomplished.

“I don’t think a lot of San Antonio filmmakers realize how big the community is,” said Jesse Salazar, director of the humorous short about a boy with a tragic box condition. “Events like this – you end up finding out is there’s so much talent, there’s so much different backgrounds and experiences, but we have this shared sense of community. Because of our city.”

Zach Cavender and Brian Maynard agreed, who both worked on “Wolf Investigations,” adding they felt this was a better experience than they’ve had at similar events.

“A lot of problems with other events is that it’s a competition,” Salazar continued. “And there’s no reason for that. What’s great about an event like this, you have a lot of people out here who are willing to talk to each other, share their work, and truly bring the sense of community into our local film industry.”

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Last updated February 27, 2016.

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