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Announced just today, and less than two weeks from its date, “Richter Fest” is bringing The Gaslamp Killer to Richter Goods, the home-spun clothing store and market that has set up shop just south of Carmelitas. Playing with the LA-based artist will be San Antonio’s premier EDM collective, Sub.Culture, and Voodoo Boogaloo, who have been hailed as “trip-hop’s Sonny and Cher.”

The Gaslamp Killer, born William Benussen, acquired his name from the Gaslamp district of San Diego, where he started his career. He has been making psychedelic hip-hop for over a decade and is currently signed to Brainfeeder, a record label founded by Flying Lotus. The video below should familiarize new listeners with what to expect.

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This art, music, and nightlife event aims to get the party started for Alamo City Comic-Con, which is following closely on the event’s heels. Richter Fest will take place 4-10 p.m., October 22, at 2202 Broadway. The venue, Richter Goods, which manufactures its own flax to make clothing and other handmade goods, is currently collaborating with the Alamo Colleges to ensure adequate parking for the event.

For more information, view the event page.

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