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CO LAB partner VIVA Theater Co. is looking to the community to help put together a homegrown dramatic theater festival. The two-day event follows the success of their last production, “Life Lessons: Confessions,” which put together a night of monologues and poetry with themes of “social justice and awareness” at La Botanica.

Photo Credit: VIVA Theatre Co.
Photo Credit: VIVA Theatre Co.

Their latest endeavor aims for a much larger scale:

This event will feature more than 20 local artists participating with their teams to create and perform a 10-15 minute play all within forty eight hours.  That’s right; on Friday, September 9th we’ll be challenging artists to condense what usually takes months to complete and asking them to do it in only two days with a performance on Sunday, September 11th.

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At this time of writing, VIVA has achieved $1040 of their $4990 goal.

Let’s show them what kind of city has their backs.

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